Astolfo Bolivar & Maria Elena Noriega

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Astolfo a real estate agent from Florida and the Caribbean, specializing in luxury real estate. With more than 25 years as a real estate agent, working in Venezuela, the Caribbean Islands and the coastal areas of southeast Florida. Associated with the outstanding firm Dezer Platinum Realty, in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, USA.
Born in a beautiful coastal town in Colombia, lived several years in Venezuela, also had the opportunity to live in the Bahamas where he worked with the developer Capo, and then choose Miami as his main residence …
Astolfo, stands out for the passion and professionalism with which he manages this business, because more than a job is a hobby. That’s why it treats the real estate needs of its clients as if they were theirs. It provides the best possible representation for sellers and buyers, guiding them from start to finish, throughout the process and making them feel comfortable and at ease, always honest, thoughtful and knowledgeable. It has the unique combination of years of experience as a real estate agent in South Florida, East Coast and Caribbean Islands with familiarity and understanding of the needs of clients from multiple nations, as it has both active Caribbean real estate associations and a Florida real estate license.

María Elena, a woman with a holistic vision of life and a passion to learn and grow every day. With a few degrees, certifications and professional designations, María Elena has extensive knowledge in the world of insurance and finance, among which she leans towards real estate. After a successful career managing important companies, from different areas, where she stood out for her intelligence, professionalism, dedication and leadership, she decided to join the group of Dezer Platinum Realty, in order to work as a team with her husband Astolfo, which is a very Successful and professional of the world of real estate or Real Estate.
Among her most important values is her humility, honesty and responsibility, which defines her as a great person, worthy of all confidence, an indispensable requirement of this business because of the importance of good management of confidential information of her clients.

Together, Astolfo and María Elena, attend the business closely, always exceeding expectations and providing high-level service to each of their clients.
The time when Astolfo and María Elena are not busy in the staging, helping their clients to buy the house or the business of their dreams or supporting them with the sale of some property, they can be found spending quality time together, with their children and family or attending meetings and listening to conferences of important sages from different cultures, because without being affiliated with any specific ideology or group, Maria Elena and Astolfo have spent decades participating in inspiring events that help them in their spiritual awakening , sharing their knowledge with others to achieve the wealth of collective consciousness.
A global real estate professional team, members of GPS (Global Property Specialist), with a large network of colleagues around the world to help you find buyers. They have the education, creativity and resources to build an effective international marketing strategy for their property, to help attract qualified buyers from around the world.